We are a couple in our mid forties, parents of two beautiful children. In the last few years we decided to turn our lives around. Sold almost everything, learned how to create an income online and began to travel the world.

We want to open your eyes to a whole new world. A world full of opportunities available in the new digital economy. Showing that there are other ways to enjoy life compared to looking forward to your next weekend off, next vacation or next paycheck…..

Great to see you here. Welcome to our website.

We had always dreamed of moving to a strange new land, stretching out our limbs, and exploring the world in depth. In 2008, we finally took some action, relocating from Belgium to Canada. The reason that we chose Canada over all other countries was simple: its beauty. We had seen the pictures, and we knew what we could expect, lush landscapes in every direction and an essentially limitless list of sights that we could take in.

We flew into Toronto and immediately drove north, searching for the perfect place. Our criteria included good work prospects and a quality school for our kids, and Muskoka checked all the boxes. Seven years later, we were ready to move once again. This time, however, we were intent on keeping our motion going rather than settling down. We started to try selling our home in April 2015, but unfortunately, the listing sat. In November 2015, we took the house off the market and found a new Realtor, who managed to close a sale just a few weeks into 2016.

In May 2016, our new journey began, and this time our home was in no city but on the road.

Meet the family.




I will be doing the most writing for this blog while An will take care of all the pictures and the Social media. My English isn’t perfect so you will bump into some errors but no worries there are worst things in life.

To live a location independent lifestyle I went back to school and learned how to survive in the online world. How to set up and market websites. How to make a profit with affiliate marketing and how to market any products online.

When we lived in Belgium we traveled a lot around Europe as a family. Always loved exploring new places. Since we moved to Canada we haven’t traveled that much. We went to Belgium a few times also London and Miami.

Being in my mid forties made me started to prioritize things in life. We always worked hard for the things we owned. Selling everything gave us the opportunity to focus more on experiences than buying things.




Hey my name is An, I’m the mom, photographer and the one that keeps social media up to date.I’ve always had a passion for photography but never had the time to engage myself to it. Now that we’ve started this journey of living off the beaten path I can focus on my passion and help other people living the live they choose. Before this I worked for more then 20 years as a personal support worker (Health care aid) helping the elderly in our society. I did this with a lot of love and compassion. Once a caregiver always a caregiver!


Fleur & Aaron

Fleur & Aaron


Here are our kids. These are the two most precious human beings in our lives.

Aaron is a student at the University of Ottawa, Canada. His major will be Anthropology. He loves to study the history of ancient civilizations.

Fleur is a student at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. On the side she is a professional model working out of Toronto and New York City. Her biggest passion are horses. I’m sure that one day she will have her own ranch somewhere in the west.

Now we are in Muskoka, ON, Canada.

If you zoom out you can check out all the places we’ve visited

Lisbon. Beautiful city!

Sao Miguel. An amazing beautiful Island!

You Will Have It All in San Diego!

Montreal. Enjoyed the waterfront in Lachine

Las Vegas. You definitely have to check out the scenery!

Ottawa, the capital of Canada

Muskoka. Lived here for 8 years. Beautiful memories!

Belgium. Born and raised.

Netherlands. Always good for a weekend trip

Germany. Great beer and schnitzel.

Czech Republic.






United Kingdom

San Francisco

Grand canyon


Los Angles

Death Valley




Rota, Spain

Buckingham, Quebec

Toronto Brand Incubator Workshop


Lake Vernon, Huntsville